The Importance of Counseling in Opioid Addiction Recovery

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Opioid addiction is a powerful disease that hijacks a person’s mind and tries not to let go. The most effective way to break free from substance misuse involves a combination of support from loved ones, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and counseling.

Whether you’re facing a crisis that threatens your long-term recovery or you need help managing daily stressors, substance use counseling is essential. These focused intervals of talking and healing offer the support, resources and judgment-free guidance you need to walk your road to recovery.

The Benefits of Counseling for Opioid Addiction

Counseling for opioid addiction is just as important as managing withdrawal symptoms and addressing cravings. Working with a trusted counselor gives you a safe haven where you can discuss addiction’s hold on your life and find healthier ways to cope and move forward.

Addiction counseling offers incredible benefits that are instrumental to your healing.

Identifying Negative Thoughts and Behaviors

All too often, addiction is closely linked to negative attitudes and beliefs about yourself or the world around you. By addressing those thoughts and behaviors that got you into trouble in the past, you can begin to change the way you feel about opioids and other substances.

Healing and Rebuilding Relationships

Addiction doesn’t just hurt the person using drugs. It also impacts your family, friends and others who care about you. Because of broken trust, hurt and neglect, healthy relationships often deteriorate because of active addiction. Counseling teaches you the tools you need to heal and restore damaged relationships.

Learning Coping Skills and Techniques

In the past, you may have relied on opioids to handle stressful situations and pain. Now that you are walking the road to recovery, it’s vital to develop new coping mechanisms. Counseling teaches you how to manage life’s difficulties without resorting to substance use.

Understanding the Science of Addiction

Addiction is a disease, and medication-assisted treatment is one of the most effective methods of long-term recovery. By understanding the science of addiction, counseling helps you utilize this knowledge to help prevent relapse.

Forming a Therapeutic Relationship

When you build a trusting relationship with your addiction counselor, you feel free to discuss family issues, past traumas and other difficulties that may have contributed to your opioid addiction.

Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan

Counseling helps you apply everything you’ve learned so that you can go back into the world, ready to live a full and productive life. Your counselor will work with you to develop a plan of action to prevent relapse and find renewed hope.

BAART Programs Substance Use Counseling Services

At BAART Programs, we’re committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered treatment for opioid addiction. Whether you’re dependent on prescription medications or you struggle with a heroin or fentanyl addiction, BAART integrates MAT with certified counseling services as part of your comprehensive recovery program.

We offer a variety of personalized counseling services, including:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling

Counseling is a requirement of participating in our MAT program, and we’re certain you’ll find these essential services work to help you rebuild your life after opioid addiction. The type and amount of counseling we recommend will be completely based on your unique needs.

Learn More About BAART and Our Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

BAART Programs are available in 29 locations across six states. If you would like to learn how we incorporate counseling and supportive recovery services into your medication-assisted treatment, contact us today.


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BAART Clinical Team

BAART Clinical Team

The Clinical Team at BAART Programs is our team of physicians and medical directors within the organization. BAART is a CARF accredited organization and has been providing opioid addiction treatment services to the San Francisco Bay Area and greater United States since 1977.