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BAART Ogden, formerly known as Metamorphosis Ogden, provides treatment for individuals addicted to opioids such as heroin, pain pills and fentanyl. Patients follow an individualized plan with either methadone or Suboxone®, both highly regarded forms of treatment. In addition, patients attend counseling sessions to learn how to overcome triggers, discuss what may have lead to their addiction and discover how to build confidence in all aspects of their lives.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) at BAART

At BAART, we provide our patients with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This approach involves the use of medicine to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings. With fewer physical effects from reduced opioid use, following treatment goals becomes easier for the patient. They can focus on addressing the underlying causes of their addiction and having a more comfortable recovery.

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BAART Ogden, UT Methadone Treatment

Methadone was one of the first medicines used for MAT in the 1960s. We now have decades of evidence showing its effectiveness in helping patients stay in recovery. MAT with methadone works as an affordable treatment option for patients in need of accessible care. Patients who participate in a methadone-based MAT program have daily clinic visits at the beginning of treatment. These initial appointments give them added structure as they get used to their program.

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MAT With Suboxone®

Doctors began to use buprenorphine in MAT in 2002. The medication Suboxone® contains a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone designed to prevent relapse. Buprenorphine has an upper limit for euphoria-related symptoms, making it less prone to being misused. Meanwhile, naloxone discourages misuse by causing unpleasant effects when injected. A patient who chooses Suboxone® can fill a prescription at a pharmacy and take it at home.

Therapy as Part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan

The MAT approach includes therapy visits that teach the patient recovery skills. One-on-one sessions give the patient a space to talk about mental health symptoms and past trauma. These difficulties can contribute to someone’s substance use disorder. In group therapy, patients have a discussion about their recovery led by an experienced counselor. Group therapy sessions promote solidarity and accountability among patients.

Additional Services at BAART Ogden

As part of our values, we want to provide our patients with well-rounded treatment. To achieve this mission, we integrate addiction education and relapse prevention in every aspect of care. Patients and community members can attend addiction education sessions aimed at improving communal wellness. We also ensure that our patients understand how to reduce their risk of relapse. When a patient decides to discharge, we can arrange additional support to help them prevent relapse.

Benefits of Choosing Our Methadone Clinic in Ogden, UT

“I would choose BAART because of how well I am treated. Thanks for all the support!” -BAART Ogden Patient

Patients choose BAART Ogden as their clinic because we:

  • Use an evidence-based approach: MAT has an extensive history of positive outcomes for patients with opioid use disorder. We use this treatment method because of its proven results.
  • Offer affordable options: Services like methadone MAT act as an affordable option for patients seeking opioid use disorder treatment. We believe that everyone should have access to care.
  • Personalize every treatment plan: Every patient who receives our services has an individualized treatment plan based on their needs. Your care team will adjust the plan as you progress through recovery.

When you use our services, we’ll treat you like a person instead of a diagnosis. We want you to succeed in every step of your journey to recovery.

Start Methadone Treatment with BAART Ogden

We can help you work toward a drug-free life. Schedule an intake appointment to work on your new treatment plan by contacting us with our online form or calling our office at 801.622.5272.

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