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Substance Use Counseling for Opioid Addiction

Our mission is to support you in overcoming opioid addiction, and we recognize that effective treatment relies on professional counseling to address the core issues of your addiction. By partnering with one of our skilled counselors, you can establish a trusting relationship and feel at ease discussing your life experiences and opioid use with them. Our counselors possess the expertise and empathy needed to guide you along your journey from addiction to recovery in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.

Benefits of Individual Counseling for Opioid Addiction

During one-on-one counseling sessions, we aim to uncover the reasons behind your initiation and continued use of opioids. We assist you in identifying the situations and experiences that contributed to your opioid dependency and collaborate to mitigate the long-term effects by:

  • Establishing a secure environment for discussing past traumas and issues
  • Enlightening you about addiction science and relapse prevention
  • Transforming your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors related to opioid use
  • Introducing new coping mechanisms to manage life’s stressful events
  • Providing guidance on mending relationships with loved ones

Implementing what you learn in individual counseling can help you break free from opioid misuse, become a more engaged member of society, and lead a more meaningful life.

Advantages of Group Counseling for Opioid Addiction

Group counseling sessions offer a platform for you to share your opioid addiction recovery journey with others who understand your struggles. Being part of a compassionate and supportive community fosters a sense of unity, making you feel less isolated during this journey, while also:

  • Relieving guilt and shame by recognizing that your peers have faced similar struggles
  • Acquiring problem-solving skills to tackle challenges in recovery
  • Establishing a sense of accountability as you progress toward your goals
  • Encouraging you to rise through difficult situations and experiences
  • Providing a judgment-free space for open and honest sharing

Joining additional recovery group meetings that welcome individuals in medication-assisted treatment can further enhance your support network.

Importance of Family Counseling for Opioid Addiction

Inviting your loved ones to join you in family counseling sessions demonstrates your dedication to treatment and your desire for their support. Addiction impacts the entire family, and collaborating with a counselor can assist in:

  • Restoring trust and fostering healthy relationships with your loved ones
  • Educating your family on enabling behaviors and strategies to avoid them
  • Increasing your awareness of how your actions influence those around you
  • Addressing negative emotions your family members may have regarding your usage
  • Enhancing the overall well-being of your family system

Participating in family counseling allows everyone to establish individual and family goals for treatment so you can work together to achieve them.

Get Help With Opioid Use Today

At BAART Programs, we are confident that positive change is possible, and our diverse counseling options can guide you toward recovery. Our team will suggest the appropriate counseling types tailored to your needs and personalize the sessions to align with your treatment objectives. Our treatment centers provide individual counseling, while group and family counseling are available at specific locations. Contact the treatment center nearest you to learn more about the counseling options offered.