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7 Ways to Recognize National Recovery Month and Why This Month Is Important

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National Recovery Month is a time when we can celebrate the accomplishments of people who have achieved or are working toward recovery. The month is meant to help spread awareness about addiction and behavioral health and celebrate those in recovery.

Many people want to honor the significance of this month but are not sure how they should do it. We have compiled a list of 7 different ideas to get you started so you can respectfully recognize anyone who has helped others achieve recovery or who has found it themselves.

What and When Is National Recovery Month?

September has been designated as National Recovery Month by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The month is an opportunity to recognize the milestones of those who have found recovery and the healthcare professionals who have helped them.

National Recovery Month recognizes three different groups:

  1. People living with behavioral health disorders
  2. Individuals struggling with addiction
  3. Healthcare professionals that help both groups find recovery

Recovery Month is not just to encourage people in recovery but also to honor their loved ones who have supported them. These people are often affected by watching their friend or family member on their journey to recovery. This month allows them to also share their experiences and find a community of people who are in similar situations with people they care about.

7 Ways to Acknowledge Recovery Month

You may not know the best way to observe National Recovery Month, but here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Host an Event

Throughout September, there are events to help people honor their journey and celebrate their recovery. You can host your own party, fundraiser, or meeting where attendees can share their stories and show support for each other.

2. Attend an Event

To honor National Recovery Month, you can attend events in your area. You could participate in a memorial walk remembering those we have lost to substance abuse, or you could attend support gatherings to share your story and listen to the experiences of others.

3. Volunteer at an Event

Find local groups that organize events or meetings where people in recovery can gather and talk about their journeys. Volunteer your time, resources, or money and see how you can help.

4. Attend a Therapy Session

A great way to participate in National Recovery Month is to help others who are currently in recovery. You could offer to attend a therapy session with a recovering friend or family member if they are comfortable with it. Going with them could show how much you support them and help you learn how the recovery process works.

5. Use Social Media to Share the Message of Recovery

Social media platforms allow you to share messages on a major scale. During September, take some time to share images, videos, or graphics that explain the purpose and importance of Recovery Month. Whether you share general messages or your personal experiences, your posts could make a difference and spread the message of recovery to people who need to hear it.

6. Educate Yourself and Others About Recovery

Many people do not recognize National Recovery Month simply because they do not know about it or understand what it represents. Take some time to educate yourself about the message of Recovery Month and the unique recovery journeys for different addictions and behavioral health disorders. Then, share this information with others so they can learn about the importance of National Recovery Month.

7. Reward Progress

Taking steps forward in recovery is not easy, and if you or a loved one has achieved a milestone, take some time to celebrate this accomplishment. Have a nice dinner or get a special present – anything that will highlight the importance of this achievement. Even if you have not reached full recovery yet, you can celebrate the smaller steps on your recovery journey.

What Should I Do After National Recovery Month?

When National Recovery Month ends, there is no reason you cannot continue your support. By spreading messages of recovery, you can share the hope that comes with getting proper treatment and support.

Remember that you can celebrate milestones in the recovery process any time they happen, not just during September. You can also attend recovery events year-round to listen to the stories and experiences of others. Even though September ends, you can always honor its recovery message.

Help Yourself and Others in Recovery

Recognizing and honoring recovery every time September comes around is one of the best ways you can help others and show your support. If you are in recovery yourself, it is a great time to recognize how far you have come and celebrate your achievements.

Remember that nobody has to get through recovery on their own. There are treatment centers like BAART Programs that are dedicated to helping people overcome addiction and find peace in recovery. BAART has experienced professionals that can help individuals addicted to opioids find recovery through effective, medication-assisted treatment programs. If you or someone you love needs help with opioid use, reach out today and see how we can guide you on the path to recovery.

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