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Proper Ways for Methadone Dispensing


If you want to sustain your recovery from opioid addiction and live a healthier and more meaningful life, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using prescription methadone can be a safe and effective option.

For many patients, methadone is a crucial component of their opioid addiction treatment plan. This medication offers incredible benefits for those recovering from opioid addiction by addressing cravings, improving the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal and effectively reducing relapse risk. As a Schedule II controlled medication, methadone is highly monitored in treatment programs. Let’s discuss the proper ways for dispensing methadone as part of your opioid treatment program (OTP).

Dispensing Nurse vs. Self-Dispensing Methadone

When you first begin MAT, a dispensing nurse is required for your methadone treatments. Dispensing nurses work at certified opioid treatment programs across the country. These medical professionals are on-hand to supervise your daily methadone dosage and ensure you are progressing in your recovery and complying with medication regulations.

After a period of time, your OTP may determine that you have proven your commitment to recovery and are qualified to pursue at-home methadone dispensing. This means you would be allowed to take methadone home between your program visits. Self-dispensing programs vary depending on the state you live in and your individual clinic. Be sure to check with your OTP for local guidelines.

When it comes to using a dispensing nurse versus self-dispensing methadone, both methods can be effective when done properly. Choosing the best way for you depends on your individual preference and circumstances.

Benefits of Using a Dispensing Nurse or Clinic

It is possible to use take-home methadone so you don’t have to visit your OTP as frequently. However, it’s important to decide whether doing so is a good option for you. Some people recovering from opioid addiction prefer to continue using a dispensing nurse. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing a clinic and nurse for dispensing your methadone treatments:

  • Accountability: Addiction is a disease characterized by uncontrollable urges to use. Continuing daily visits to a dispensing nurse provides a higher level of accountability to help you keep cravings under control.
  • Structure: After opioid addiction, structure and routine are vital. Structure promotes healthy habit-forming as your brain breaks free from drug use. Visiting a dispensing nurse gives more structure to your day.
  • Relationship: Another important aspect of recovery is a healthy support system. By relying on a dispensing nurse for your methadone treatment, you can count on a compassionate and caring person with whom you will interact on a daily basis. You can also have an opportunity to speak about your addiction and receive helpful counsel.

It’s important to note that self-dispensing can be more difficult to stay on top of. Patients must be approved for take-home methadone medication, and they must understand who can write orders for their methadone prescription at their outpatient clinic.

Learn More About Proper Methadone Dispensing Methods

BAART Programs is proud to serve patients across the United States with opioid use disorder treatment and supportive recovery services. All of our clinics have a dispensing nurse on site who can dispense methadone as you continue your recovery journey. If you would like to learn more about medication-assisted treatment using methadone, contact us today.

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