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Hydroxyzine and Methadone

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Using different drugs in combination with each other can often make treatments more effective. But sometimes that effectiveness can be counteracted by a drug combination that doesn’t work. Keeping people safe is always the top priority for any treatment, and some drug interactions could put the user at risk. That’s certainly the case for hydroxyzine and methadone.

Methadone is one of the safest, most effective treatments for opioid use disorder. Like any drug, its effectiveness depends on proper usage. Research has shown that some combinations are not optimal for methadone treatment, as they can change how a drug works. When you seek treatment, you should tell your program doctor about any medications you are on so the staff can monitor your safety. You should also check with them before you stop taking any medication.

Keeping you safe is the top priority when you enroll in an opioid addiction program. Learning more about drug interactions can help you understand why you may be taken off a drug or need to exercise caution with a prescription.

What Is Hydroxyzine?

Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine most often used to treat allergies. It blocks histamines that can cause itching. Sometimes it is also used to treat anxiety for short periods, and it can help users feel relaxed going into surgery.

The side effects of hydroxyzine include drowsiness and dry mouth. The antihistamine is similar to cetirizine and shouldn’t be taken at the same time as that drug.

Mixing Hydroxyzine With Methadone

When you take hydroxyzine and methadone together, the former can raise the toxicity level of methadone. This change may result in an abnormal heart rhythm, which can induce an irregular heartbeat. In some cases, an irregular heartbeat can prove fatal.

If you take these drugs together, you may notice an irregular heartbeat developing, or you may experience dizziness. You should speak to your doctor right away if you notice either of these symptoms or feel anything else that could indicate the drugs are not interacting well. Medical professionals recommend monitoring the use of hydroxyzine and methadone closely to ensure an irregular heartbeat doesn’t occur.

When you begin receiving treatment for opioid use disorder, you may already be taking other medications. We can discuss your options when you schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment. Often, you can find other options for treating allergies that won’t interact with methadone. Your overall health remains the focus of our program.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Understanding the risks associated with mixing hydroxyzine and methadone is part of our responsible approach to providing substance use disorder treatment. We want you to have as much information as possible and understand the risks associated with certain drug interactions.

Has opioid addiction impacted your life in any way? Are you or a loved one interested in seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder? BAART Programs can help. Read our blog to learn more and get in touch today if you have questions about treatment in your location.

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