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How to Find the Right Methadone Clinic

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The first step to recovery from opioid addiction involves finding the right methadone clinic. Here, we discuss steps to take and what to look for in a methadone doctor when making this important decision.

Consider Your Preferences

Before beginning the search for a clinic, consider what you want out of your treatment. Every opioid addiction treatment center has different treatment approaches and qualifications. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What times would work as ideal appointment times?
  • How can a doctor work with your personality to give you the best treatment?
  • Do you feel more comfortable with a care team who can speak a language besides English?
  • What kinds of doctors work best for you?

Keep Location and Hours in Mind

Methadone programs require you to visit every day during the initial stages. You will go to your clinic to receive methadone and participate in individualized care activities, like counseling. Treatment centers offer different hours, so find times that best fit your schedule. Since you have to visit the clinic every day, you will probably want a clinic close to your home or work.

As you look for a methadone doctor, create a list of options that could work for your schedule and preferences. Make notes for each one about their hours, location and other factors that matter to you, such as accepting medicaid or insurance. Then, you can compare your choices to see which ones have the most benefits.

Research Each Clinic’s Experience and Certifications

Reputable medical professionals will give you the best treatment experience during recovery. You can determine a treatment center’s qualifications by asking questions such as:

  • How many years of operation does the clinic have?
  • Does the treatment center have accreditation such as CARF accreditation?
  • How many patients does the treatment center serve?
  • What qualifications, education and experience do the clinic’s providers have?

Read Patient Reviews and Testimonials

When you research a clinic online, you can find patient reviews on the clinic’s website as well as review sites. Online reviews let patients provide their honest opinions about their experiences with a clinic. These reviews can give you firsthand information on details that matter to you.

Understand Each Clinic’s Treatment Approach

Every methadone treatment center has a different service approach and values. As you learn about a clinic and its services, keep these questions in mind:

  • Does the clinic adjust treatment plans as your needs change?
  • What kind of language does the clinic use when mentioning patients?
  • Does the treatment have services geared toward certain patients?

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