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Helpful Tips for Holiday Travel while in Recovery

Holiday Travel

The holiday season is already in full swing, and opportunities to rekindle friendships and repair bonds with loved ones present themselves at every turn. With each invitation and commitment to attend a party or gathering comes a little bit of added responsibility for people in treatment. With some foresight and preparation, sticking to recovery goals will feel attainable, and worrying will hopefully take a back seat to enjoying celebrations and the holiday spirit.

Organize and Plan Ahead

There’s no worse feeling than traveling away from home for a short trip to visit friends or family, only to discover that essential medications have been left behind or are out of supply. Although BAART clinics exist from coast to coast, holiday hours and other circumstances can make seeing a doctor out-of-state difficult. Patients who plan to travel for the holidays are encouraged to speak with the medical providers as soon as possible to create a dosage plan while continuing their medication-assisted treatment without the risk of withdrawal occurring, potentially leading to relapse.

Keep an Itinerary

Avoiding stress is the key to an enjoyable holiday experience, and while it’s impossible to avoid all stressors, maintaining a schedule completely is vital to keeping chaos to a minimum. Using a calendar is helpful, or even a daily planner to keep track of various events that may be occurring over the span of a day or whole week! Showing up when promised is a gratifying feeling, so being careful not to over-book or double-book time slots is of utmost importance!

Secure Transportation

No one likes being stranded during the holidays, which is why communicating with people regarding ride-sharing, flight times, train departures, etc., is imperative. For people driving longer distances, checking tire pressure, getting a road-trip check-up at the mechanic, preparing snacks, phone chargers, first aid and emergency kits, and plenty of blankets in the car will help make the commute safer and more comfortable.

Prepare a Back-up Plan

Sometimes plans fall through, and whether it’s secretly a relief or a major disappointment, it’s always good to have a “plan b” in mind to make the most of the time that’s been set aside. Whether it’s catching the latest movie or meeting a friend last minute for coffee and dessert, sometimes serendipitous adventures are the most fun.

Take some Time Alone

Socializing with loved ones after overcoming the trials and tribulations of addiction can be a relief, but the attention and stimulation can sometimes become overwhelming. Curling up and relaxing with hot cocoa and a good book or favorite holiday movie may be just as enjoyable as the holiday festivities! Taking some time to nap, reenergize, meditate, or simply decompress after many hours of talking and visiting with loved ones is part of the holiday experience.

One of the benefits of medication-assisted treatment is the flexibility for patients to continue living their lives while attending a recovery program. BAART patients can enjoy their holidays with friends and family and make up for lost time while still receiving their medication and keeping in touch with their medical providers. To learn more about the MAT programs at BAART, message or call a local clinic today.

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