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24-Hour Opioid Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

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For people struggling with opioid addiction who don’t know where else to turn, BAART Programs Boyle Heights now offers 24/7 access to life-saving opioid treatment to Los Angeles residents. This expansion ensures those who lack care can receive on-demand treatment when they need it most. The result — saved lives and increased access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

What 24/7 Access to Opioid Treatment Means

BAART Program’s 24/7 program at their L.A. treatment facility was developed to help individuals easily access life-saving medication-assisted treatment at any time, day or night. The mission of the MAT Expansion Project has been encouraged and supported by California’s Department of Health Care Services.

Medication-assisted treatment combines highly supervised medication with substance use counseling to treat the physical, psychological and social impacts of addiction. Medications, including methadone and buprenorphine, address withdrawal symptoms and cravings so an individual can focus more fully on their recovery journey.

Patients who meet the program’s criteria can obtain MAT services without the typical barriers that may have prevented them from seeking care in the past. Following enrollment, they may choose to continue with BAART Programs or be transferred to another MAT provider. The goal is to make recovery more attainable and convenient so they commit to ongoing treatment.

BAART Programs and parent company BayMark Health Services are collaborating with health care providers, hospital emergency departments, law enforcement, crisis response teams and other community services to collect data that demonstrates the benefits of 24/7 opioid treatment, including reduced ER utilization for opioid use-related issues.

Benefits of 24/7 Opioid Treatment

Having a 24-hour program allows for ease of referral. Patients coming from hospital emergency departments and other human service agencies won’t have to wait to begin treatment. By operating outside traditional hours, BAART Programs Boyle Heights paves the way for those who previously could not or would not get help to embrace recovery services the moment they feel ready to do so — no matter when that is.

Some people have to balance treatment with other responsibilities, like jobs, school or family. Others are coming directly from emergency department visits when other MAT providers are closed. All-hours-access means patients can walk in and begin whenever they are ready.

Improved and expanded access to opioid treatment at BAART Programs also means improved harm reduction, increased relapse prevention and reduced risk of opioid overdose.

Learn More About 24/7 Access to Opioid Treatment in Los Angeles

For over 40 years, BAART Programs has provided comprehensive, individualized treatment for opioid use disorder to patients across the country. We have witnessed first-hand how effective MAT can be when combined with counseling as a treatment for OUD. This combination reduces withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings, paving the way for individuals to address the underlying causes and consequences of their addiction. We then support patients as they regain stability in their lives and find a better way.

Although 24/7 access is only currently offered at BAART Programs Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, life-saving treatment is available at locations throughout the United States. Find a BAART Programs treatment facility near you and reach out to us today to start.

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