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How Much Stronger Is Oxymorphone Than Oxycodone?

February 10, 2020

Severe pain can interfere with daily activities, making life difficult. While some pain-relieving medications can provide temporary relief, they seldom…

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What Are Synthetic Opioids?

December 30, 2019

What are Synthetic Opioids? Synthetic opioids are a class of psychoactive drugs that relieve pain like opiates. They’re produced in…

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Is Ritalin an Opioid?

December 27, 2019

Ritalin is a popular stimulant drug prescribed for adults and children who have attention disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity…

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Anxiety and Methadone

November 18, 2019

Many people who have opioid addiction also have a co-occurring mental health condition like anxiety. Some patients who take methadone…

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What Is Opioid Dependence?

August 6, 2019

Opioid dependence has impacted people across the United States. As a chronic disease, it has symptoms and diagnoses like any…

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Why Is Fentanyl So Dangerous?

March 21, 2019

In the midst of the deadliest opioid epidemic in history, the concern has shifted from prescription opioid killers to more…

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Overcome Opioid Addiction Carmichael, CA

April 12, 2018

Opioid addiction is a national epidemic. The number of people struggling with this is staggering and in Carmichael, CA, the…

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Addiction Signs to Look For include neglecting daily obligations and being more irritable

Addiction, a Nationwide Crisis

March 7, 2018

Our country is in the middle of an epidemic, yet oddly enough, few truly understand addiction education and what we…

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Opioid Abuse in the United States

November 15, 2017

You couldn’t turn on the news or read a headline without hearing the news that President Donald Trump declared a…

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Opioid Epidemic in US

America’s Opioid Epidemic

October 27, 2017

It is becoming more and more apparent that the United States is in the throes of an opioid epidemic, as…

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