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Medication-Assisted Treatment at BAART San Mateo Clinic

At BAART San Mateo (a REACH Grant participant), we help patients with opioid use disorder through medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Opioid addiction includes dependence on prescription painkillers or non-medical opioids such as heroin. We understand that people who have opioid use disorder often face stigma, and we want to make you feel understood in our clinics. If you need buprenorphine or methadone treatment near Menlo Park, we can help.

Our clinic staff offers evidence-based, safe and affordable treatments with demonstrated results. We design personalized treatment plans for our patients that support them in returning to a happy and healthy life. The MAT programs at our clinics use the medications methadone and buprenorphine/Suboxone to relieve withdrawal symptoms. As a patient at BAART, you’ll also receive treatment planning and counseling that help you stay on the path to recovery.

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Buprenorphine-Based MAT – Another Safe, Effective Treatment

During MAT with buprenorphine, you receive a prescription for your medication and take it at home. Buprenorphine has a “ceiling effect” that reduces its effects when you reach a certain amount. Because of this benefit, patients who have mild to moderate symptoms can receive convenient and safe treatment. When you take buprenorphine, it also blocks the effects of other opioids so that you can stay committed to your recovery goals.

BAART San Mateo Opioid Addiction Treatment Services

We specialize in methadone-based MAT that helps manage withdrawal symptoms. The field of addiction care considers methadone the gold standard of MAT because of its decades of positive results. When you participate in methadone-based MAT, your doctor supervises you as you take methadone for your symptoms. A patient in methadone MAT goes to the clinic to take their medicine every day. Then, they can take their medication home after they meet federal and state guidelines.

If you need to discontinue methadone treatment, we can help you taper off the medication. We assist patients who need to stop taking methadone because of their treatment goals or circumstances. Your doctor will monitor you as you take smaller amounts of medication over time. Most detoxification regimens take about 21 to 30 days to complete.

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Naltrexone/Vivitrol® Treatment Program

In 2010, naltrexone, also known by the brand name Vivitrol®, was approved to treat opioid use disorder. It had previously been approved for the treatment of alcohol use disorder but was found to have clinical application for both disorders and is becoming more widely used as an alternative to daily medications.

Individualized Opioid Use Disorder Therapy

As part of our MAT programs, every patient receives one-on-one opioid misuse therapy with a licensed counselor. You’ll work with a therapist who understands opioid use disorder and its emotional factors. During your first sessions, you’ll establish recovery goals. Your counselor will then help you meet those benchmarks by helping you understand your triggers and learn coping skills.

Relapse and Addiction Education Services

Addiction and relapse education programs let us teach the community and our patients about important topics related to opioid use disorder. Our local outreach includes educational events for community members. These initiatives include overdose response education and other topics that reduce the stigma associated with opioid use disorder. We also teach our patients how to reduce their risk of relapse and what to do if relapse happens.

Personalized Case Management

When you become one of our patients, you’ll receive a case manager who coordinates your services. After we develop an individualized treatment plan, your case manager will make sure your services meet your recovery goals. They’ll work with your doctor, counselor and support staff to coordinate all treatment.

Coordinated Care for Pregnant Mothers

Pregnant mothers have unique needs when they seek recovery from opioid use disorder. They need medication that has a high safety profile for babies and works with their changed metabolisms. That’s why we develop pregnancy-centered treatment plans that focus on the mother and baby’s well-being.

Take Your First Step Toward an Opioid-Free Life at Our San Mateo Clinic

Do you want to begin MAT in a safe and judgment-free environment? Let us help you take the path to a more fulfilling life by providing comprehensive treatment services. We welcome you to contact our team online to get more information or schedule an intake.


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