Ways Addiction Recovery Improves Appearance

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Overcoming persistent substance misuse is a big step that comes with immense health benefits that come with cleansing the body of harmful toxins. However, many underestimate how much recovery can benefit them in the looks department! Reducing the body’s exposure to drugs and alcohol can cause a chain reaction of positive results that improve outward appearance, as well as mental and physical well-being.


One of the first things patients in addiction recovery notice is how their youthful vigor and looks come back after only a few short weeks of treatment. The addiction lifestyle is difficult to maintain while looking healthy. Malnutrition, dehydration, and substance-related maladies can cause people to look older than they really are, especially if they’re underweight. As the healing process begins, patients may find their eyes look brighter, dark circles dissipate, and the fullness in their faces returns as they work towards improved health.

Better Hair

Thinning and sparse-looking hair is a common side-effect of addiction as the body struggles to maintain healthy levels of vitamins, minerals, and hydration. Patients in recovery often notice that their hair begins to regrow slowly as they improve their diets and regularly consume nutrient-dense meals every day. Coupled with a new, stylish haircut, having a shiny, full mane of hair is just one of the recovery image-boosting benefits many will experience once they are on board.

Supple Skin

Regularly misusing substances takes a toll on the entire body, and with the skin being the largest organ, it tends to suffer the most. Rashes, acne, sallowness, dryness, and peeling are some of the most common issues people face when consumed with addiction. Thankfully, when the body becomes rehydrated soon after treatment begins, skin bounces back with a vengeance, appearing more vibrant and healing any persistent dermatological issues.

Healthy Weight

Various substances can cause people to fluctuate their weight from extreme lows to unhealthy BMI highs. In recovery, many people adopt a healthier diet and eat regular, healthy meals instead of processed snacks or simply not eating at all. Patients often report that their bodies bounce back quickly once their normal appetite returns, and they no longer have bouts of binging or going days without food.

Improved Self-care

When less time is spent obsessing over acquiring and consuming substances, there’s much more attention to personal grooming. Rugged and ripped cuticles heal, haircuts and facial hair maintenance become a regular practice, skin starts to look brighter, and interest in outward appearance returns in a big way. Many patients are encouraged to adopt an exercise routine once they are comfortable with their MAT dosage as they begin to heal their bodies, which carries an incredible therapeutic effect and makes them look better too!

Boosted Confidence

With more restful nights of sleep, consistently healthy meals, and reduced drug use, people in addiction recovery quickly start to feel the exhilaration of their bodies and minds improving. When people feel good inside, their confidence grows, and they tend to have improved posture and self-assurance. Addiction recovery can rebuild a deep sense of self-worth and belonging even a few short weeks into treatment, and the changes quickly become evident to everyone around them.

BAART provides medication-assisted treatment for those who are committed to overcoming their substance use disorder and moving forward into a healthier lifestyle. With conveniently located outpatient clinics, BAART patients can work to reset their lives and attend to daily responsibilities while tending to their addiction with evidence-based methods and FDA-approved medications. To learn more about the services offered at BAART facilities, message or call a nearby location and speak with a specialized team member today.


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