Things that won’t be Missed in Recovery

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Going into addiction treatment means change, and change can be scary. However, the changes that come from recovery are profoundly positive, so much so that there are things in the past that are gladly gone forever. That’s not to say that every moment of recovery will be sunshine and rainbows. Certainly, some days will be better than others, but appreciating the absence of certain aspects of life while actively using can be profoundly gratifying. 


The body experiences incredible stress when constantly ingesting and processing doses of drugs and stimulants. Keeping up with a heightened tolerance and withdrawals is an endless game that strains the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain. Feeling exhausted while not being able to sleep, waking up tired from recovery naps, and staying up late using while having to function day to day are all draining. The deep restorative sleep during recovery makes this a facet of addiction that will never be missed. 

Being Broke

While deeply entrenched in addiction, money becomes scarce, and the ability to make more money wavers. This puts people in a predicament of needing to fund their drug habit by whatever means possible. Many people in this position end up having to forego basic needs like food, hygiene, and other essentials, which makes life more stressful. In recovery, the ability to work and hold a job while paying bills is a liberating, validating feeling and attainable! 

Always being on the Run

Not much else matters when the mind becomes centrally focused on consuming and obtaining drugs. For some, that means they spend the entirety of their days looking for a way to either acquire drugs or money for those drugs. These elaborate capers can sometimes include run-ins with law enforcement, especially after several interactions. The feeling of being followed or pursued by the authorities is a major relief in recovery and a reason to avoid relapse. 


Being avoided by friends and family because of addiction is a lonely and hopeless feeling. Although they may be rightfully placing boundaries, people actively using are often devastated by being cut off from their loved ones. In recovery, there’s no more sinking feeling when a telephone call is rejected, or an invite isn’t extended. Much time in treatment and beyond is spent repairing relationships that were devastated by substance use disorder, and feelings of shame and guilt are touched upon and worked through. 

Feeling Sick

For many people with substance use disorder, their time wasn’t spent “chasing the high” as much as it was warding off withdrawals. The constant looming threat of withdrawal kicking in and finding enough drugs to keep them at bay makes for a sick and tired body. Medication-assisted treatment provides help with easing withdrawals, and recovery is spent focusing on nursing the body and mind back to better health and healing. 

BAART recovery programs use evidence-based methods to help people with addiction reach long-lasting recovery using a combination of medication-assisted treatment and substance use counseling. Specialized medical providers and nursing staff ensure that every patient is treated with respect and dignity as they work to better their lives and health. To learn more about the treatment programs available at BAART facilities, message or call the nearest location today. 


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