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Opioid use can adversely impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life, wreaking havoc on both the individual using as well as their families, friends and loved ones. The damage can be as profound for those that care about them as it is for the individual with the opioid use disorder. When that person decides to seek treatment, it is a brave and terrifying decision, and having the support of those they love can make all the difference.
While in the throes of addiction, individuals may often be driven to do things that hurt those they love, and it can be difficult to understand how they could do such things. It may seem as if it is a result of them not loving or caring about those around them, which is rarely the case. Addiction is first and foremost a physical disease which is chronic in nature. That fact leaves the user unable to control their need for opiates, and becomes the driving factor behind nearly every action they take.
At BAART Programs, our goal is to restore our patients to their former lives, providing the treatment they need to reduce and eventually eliminate their use of opiates, but also to reconnect with those they love and become a productive member of their communities and families. As a part of that goal, BAART staff can help families understand medication-assisted treatment, debunking myths or misunderstandings and outlining the 50+ years of evidence-based research upon which our treatment protocols are founded.
The support of loved ones can be critical in the long-term recovery of our patients, and encourage active participation in the recovery process. We invite you to read more about the Effectiveness of treatment or find a Treatment Location near you. Additionally, explore our Resources for helpful websites and answers to frequently asked questions about medication-assisted treatment.

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