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Substance use disorders, including opioid use, affects the lives of millions of Americans. The symptoms of opioid use are debilitating to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of those suffering. No one chooses addiction, but regardless of the reasons a person began to use, many are unable to stop without help. Opioids change the chemistry of the brain so that it becomes used to and eventually dependent on the presence of the drug. In time, individuals may be completely unable to function without it.
Opioid use disorder can negatively afflict every part of your life. Legal trouble, financial difficulties, deteriorating physical health, emotional disturbances and loss of family, housing and employment are common difficulties experienced. Not only do the consequences of use seem to grow steadily more severe, but often, the brain has become so conditioned to the presence of the opiate, that the sense of ease and comfort once experienced can no longer be attained.
When an individual decides to stop using opiates, severe physical symptoms can occur as the brain and body work to adjust to the absence of the substance they have come to rely upon. Symptoms of withdrawal can be intolerable, leading many to experience relapse when attempting to stop “cold turkey” or through an abstinence based program. The sense of anguish and hopelessness can seem insurmountable, but help is available. You don’t have to be resigned to a life of opioid use.
BAART Programs believes in being an advocate for our patients, and helping each person to achieve their recovery goals through an individualized treatment program. We recognize that addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease which requires a medical and psycho-social solution. Addiction does not define our patients. We look to a program of medication-assisted treatment with methadone or buprenorphine, as well as substance use counseling, to work toward long-term opiate use reduction and recovery.
Family and support networks are an integral part of long-term recovery, and BAART works closely with our patients to build these critical connections. Additionally, addressing basic health and medical issues through integrated primary care is a top priority of BAART treatment programs.
We want to meet our patients “where they are at” addressing the most critical issues first, and working toward the restoration of all aspects of life, allowing individuals to once again become healthy, productive members of their communities and families.
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