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BAART Programs actively participates in various scientific endeavors relating to addiction treatment and related community healthcare to support our mission of providing options that are both affordable and effective. We know that growing our understanding of addiction through research in these areas is key to understanding the best treatment options for our patients.
We are constantly striving to gain a better understanding of how counseling is related to drug addiction, and how other factors help or prohibit successful rehabilitation to methadone, cocaine and other substance addictions. Our treatment modalities are driven by the knowledge gained through evidence-based outcomes and understanding.
We also participate in clinical research and have past and current collaborations with major research organizations, such as universities and Government entities.
The following resources include research documentation, papers and presentations completed by BAART or affiliated employees and students, as well as information integral to the field of addiction treatment.

Research Projects carried out at BAART Programs:

Impact of Counselor Changes on Methadone Patients’ Sobriety and Criminality
by Yani Leyva
Voucher Reinforcement Improves Medication Adherence in HIV-Positive Methadone Patients: A Randomized Trial
by James L. Sorensen, Nancy A. Haug, Kevin L. Delucchi, Valerie Gruber, Evan Kletter, Steven L. Batki, Jacqueline P. Tulsky, Paul Barnett, Sharon Hall

Papers and Presentation by BAART Employees or affiliated students & professionals:

Counseling as an Intervention for the Cocaine-Abusing Methadone Maintenance Patient
by Evan Kletter, Ph.D.

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