Counseling After You Beat Addiction

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If you choose medication-assisted recovery to treat substance misuse, counseling may be part of your treatment program. Even after you are no longer actively in treatment, however, you may choose to maintain therapy sessions.

Counseling is an effort that involves both the patient and counselor. The patient shares their experiences, goals, and concerns, and the counselor supports the patient in finding solutions to problems. Counseling can be a long- or short-term commitment and helps people develop coping and communication skills, better mental health, and positive behavior changes.

Why Choose Counseling After Addiction?

Even once you have gone through medication-assisted recovery, there are a few reasons you may want to stay in counseling:

  • Stressors: Recovery can be life-changing and positive, but it can also uncover stressors. If you have been using substances to deal with stress, a counselor can help you process anxiety and upset using healthy new methods.
  • Triggers: Whether it’s returning to a specific neighborhood, spending time with previous social groups, or attending a specific event, there may be times when you are offered a substance or develop a desire to use. Counseling can help you find coping methods for this and gives you someone you can discuss these situations with.
  • Underlying conditions: If you deal with anything other than substance use, such as anxiety or depression, counseling can help you address these issues without negatively impacting your recovery.
  • Resources: As you start building a new life, you may need support to find a new job, repair relationships, address medical or dental conditions or otherwise make life changes. Your counselor is there to help you discuss and plan for these changes and may even help you find resources to get started.

Counseling can help your recovery even after you complete medication-assisted treatment (MAT). It ensures you have a place to go whenever any personal events come up that could impact your health and ongoing progress. It’s a healthy resource you can turn to and offers someone you can talk to in confidence to help you keep making healthy life decisions.

Overcome Addiction With Counseling From BAART Programs

Counseling is an effective practice to help individuals stay sober. At BAART, we offer counseling alongside evidence-based medical treatment for opioid use disorder. Compassionate and experienced medical providers and nursing staff are always just a call away. Schedule an appointment today if you’re ready to start recovery.

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