Opiate Addiction

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Counseling After You Beat Addiction

July 28, 2022

If you choose medication-assisted recovery to treat substance misuse, counseling may be part of your treatment program. Even after you…

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Can You Take Methadone While Pregnant?

July 13, 2022

Methadone is an opioid medication that helps treat a patient’s addiction to opioids without withdrawal symptoms. It’s usually recommended for…

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How Opioids Can Affect Sleep Patterns Negatively

May 3, 2022

Most people are aware that opioids can negatively affect many aspects of life. One problem opioids can cause is problems…

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How to Build a Long-Standing Relapse Prevention Plan

November 29, 2021

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan? Substance use disorder is a disease, and just like with many chronic illnesses, experts…

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People at Highest Risk of Opioid Use Disorder

August 13, 2021

People at Highest Risk of Opioid Use Disorder The opioid epidemic spans across America, affecting big cities and small towns…

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24-Hour Opioid Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

August 9, 2021

For people struggling with opioid addiction who don’t know where else to turn, BAART Programs Boyle Heights now offers 24/7 access to…

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How to Treat Opioid Addiction

July 1, 2021

Substance misuse with opioids can begin after a medical procedure or with the use of recreational drugs. Many people use…

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Opioid Overdose Deaths Hit New Highs in 2020

February 15, 2021

With each passing year since 2000, deaths caused by opioid overdose have continued to rise in the United States. In 2010,…

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Things to do in the morning during opioid addiction recovery

Things to Do in the Morning During Opioid Addiction Recovery

February 11, 2021

Opioid addiction is a chronic disease, not a weakness. Taking that courageous first step towards recovery is a monumental achievement,…

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5 Ways Opioids Impact Relationships With Loved Ones

December 21, 2020

Addiction is a careless disease that can take control and destroy everything you hold dear — especially friendships, family ties…

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