Benefits of Group Counseling Sessions

Recovery from substance abuse is a long journey that can be even longer when that journey is taken in isolation. Having the support and encouragement of your peers who share your experiences can be a wonderful benefit in helping to keep you motivated and stay on the right path. Because of that, group therapy is not only an important tool in drug treatment and continuing care, it can be extremely beneficial in helping you remain clean and sober. Here are some ways group therapy can be of enormous value.

Group Therapy is a Safe Environment

Group therapy is a welcoming and safe space that is free of all judgement1. Your group is like your family and you share in each other’s joy as well as sorrow. The leader of your group will create firm guidelines so you feel free to share your concerns, your struggles and your joys all in a space that is confidential and supportive. It is not okay to share other people’s stories or details of their lives that they might choose to reveal in a support group. Maintaining confidentiality is essential to the foundation of any support group you choose to attend.

You Realize That You Are Not Alone

Another advantage of group therapy is that it helps people recognize that they are not alone. When beginning to recover from substance abuse, it is easy to continue to feel loneliness and isolation and it can be overwhelming at times. In group therapy sessions, you realize that you are truly not alone and that other people just like you are going through the same thing. The group shares their stories, cheer each other’s small victories and provide support in times of crisis. Hearing and sharing different ways of coping with similar problems may help one to develop new ways of managing their life.

Life Skill Development

Group therapy allows individuals to develop and practice the life skills that are needed to interact with their home or work environment when they leave treatment. Anger management, listening skills and empathy2 are just a few of the life skills that you will get a chance to practice and refine all while in a safe setting. You will also learn how to communicate with others in a healthy and respectful manner.


A huge benefit of addiction therapy in a group setting is the fact that through communication with your leader and your peers, you will begin to get to the root problem of what you face addiction struggles to begin with. Many group therapy session utilize cognitive behavioral therapy3 in which people identify negative behaviors that keep them stuck and give them tools to change those behaviors or habits.

Group therapy has many tremendous benefits and can give you the foundation to build a meaningful life in recovery. A sense of community in this small group further promotes re-entry into the larger community outside. By creating a strong support system and boosting the confidence of its members, group therapy helps members find their voice again.

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