Our Philosophy

Every employee at BAART Programs understands the necessary factors involved in successfully overcoming opioid use disorder. We are here to help educate our patients; and to provide the informational and medical resources that they need to achieve their recovery goals.

BAART Treatment Philosophy


    • Opioid use disorder is a chronic, relapsing disease, and should be treated as such in a medical and psycho-social manner.


    • Treatment on demand and creating low barriers to access are critical in ensuring services are available when people are ready for treatment.


    • Individualized treatment can best meet the needs of the patients and help them advance through the stages of change toward recovery.


    • Effective opioid use disorder treatment depends on careful assessment and treatment of each patient’s physical, psychological and social needs; meeting the patient “where they are at”.


    • Comprehensive, affordable treatment has the best chance to be effective in the resolution of chronic substance use disorder problems.


    • Family or support network involvement is crucial for long-term success.