For Providers

BAART Programs is committed to providing evidence-based, individualized treatment and resources to those struggling with opioid use disorder. Effective treatment means addressing each patient’s unique physical, psychological and social needs, utilizing not only our experienced staff, but by also working in collaboration with physicians, other treatment providers, mental health professionals and organizations in the communities we serve.
By fostering cooperative relationships with those in the addiction recovery community, we offer our patients access to all of the various resources needed to rebuild their lives and develop the support network crucial for long-term success. In addition to our focus on opioid use disorder treatment, BAART believes that access to quality primary medical care is an essential piece of long-term recovery. We provide integrated primary care in select BAART locations, and work with local providers in other locations to provide our patients access to valuable medical care.
BAART’s focus on evidence-based, individualized, quality opioid use disorder treatment ensures that patients referred to us will receive the highest standard of care. This standard of care includes a thorough assessment, personalized treatment plan, access to certified counselors and a network of community resources; as well as coordinated care with existing providers.
We invite you to read more about Getting Started in treatment with BAART or find a Treatment Location near you.