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Founded by Ron and Judi Kletter, BAART Programs began providing drug treatment services to several hundred heroin addicts in San Francisco in 1977. Their legacy of advocating for evidence-based opioid use disorder treatment is carried on now by their three children, who remain the Executive leadership of BAART today. Working in the field, Ron knew the stigma associated with medication-assisted treatment, and was committed to creating a better standard of care. His vision and guidance directly influenced the tremendous growth BAART has experienced over the last 40 years.
Today, BAART Programs, a brand of BayMark Health Services, is a multi-site, multi-service organization providing opioid use disorder treatment and rehabilitation for patients across the country. Providing high-quality, patient-centered treatment for addiction to prescription medications and other opioids remains the focus of BAART Programs’ 23 clinics. Combining evidence-based, medication-assisted treatment with counseling and behavioral services, BAART offers the most successful option for many patients. In addition, BAART provides integrated primary medical care and mental health services through their network of locations across 5 states.
BAART leadership remains actively involved in the opioid use disorder treatment community, working tirelessly to improve state and federal regulations by educating policy makers about the benefits of evidence-based treatments such as methadone and buprenorphine therapy.
BAART Programs furthers their positive impact and increses access to these life-saving modalities through participation in groups such as: